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Does your love life fall “outside the box”? Maybe you’re a guy who likes guys, or a girl who likes girls. Or maybe you like both. Maybe a firm hand and a riding crop are the things that reliably take you to your happy place. Maybe you aren’t chained to one spot on the gender or orientation spectrums. Maybe you don’t consider monogamy to be the only realistic option. Or maybe none of these applies to you right now, but you’re curious and you want to learn, and to hang out with like-minded individuals.

We get it.

That “box” we fall outside of is tiny. It’s cramped and confined, and when you think about it, it’s always been a myth.

The desires of most people fall outside of that box in one way or another. Almost everybody likes at least a few sprinkles with their vanilla. People like us, we make up the vast sexual majority. And we think it’s about time somebody created a warm, open, public place that calls shenanigans on the entire “box” paradigm. We’re going to be working hard to make Shameless Grounds a place like that.

Our Offerings
Food, drink and a warm friendly atmosphere; a place to hold classes, workshops and social gatherings; an expansive lending library with a wide variety of media related to human sexuality, entertainment, and education.
What Is Sex-Positive
As proponents of sex-positive culture, we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. They include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. We believe that attitudes fostering shame or distaste for consensual sexual expression between consenting adults are ecclesiastical and institutional constructs, and that those sex-negative attitudes foster irrational anger and conflict between people and communities.
What do you mean by "Radically Inclusive"
At Shameless Grounds, everybody who acts ethically, lawfully, and respectfully is welcome, from the Vicar to the Tart. To paraphrase Spider Robinson, "When you're at Shameless Grounds, it's alright to be bright, it's alright to be dull, and it's alright to be any damned thing you please, except a pain in the ass."
Getting Involved
In a “global” sense, you can live your life as a sex-positive and radically inclusive individual. Accept people for whatever they are and whatever they enjoy as long as they are acting in an ethical manner. Don’t participate in shaming behavior and always be willing to speak up and educate. You can also visit our Links page to see some of the people and organizations that we believe are doing great work. Perhaps you’ll find a cause that you can get behind. In a “local” sense, perhaps you would like to get involved with one of the many local groups here in town. There is always a need for willing volunteers. For a quick and easy way to help, you can donate to the lending library. Donations can either be brought to the café or you can send an email to us (see contact info) and we’ll arrange a pick-up with you.
Meet the Proprietors
Shameless Grounds is owned and operated by Andrew and Michelle, a Saint Louis native couple. Late in 2009, after realizing how many so-called “alternative” lifestyle groups there were in St. Louis, an idea was born. It seemed to the two of them that each group had its own area of the city and rarely was there any interaction between the groups. It also seemed that there was a growing need for a non-judgmental, sex- positive gathering space that could host group meetings, classes, presentations and general merriment. And so the concept for Shameless Grounds was born. Andy and Michelle wanted to open a space that would be warm and inviting to all and easily accessible to the general public, without the seedy or underground aura that so many other adult-oriented businesses seemed to carry. It was also important to have educational resources available to the patrons and contact points with different groups representing the full spectrum of ethical sexuality and human interaction. Andy and Michelle spent a year trying to decide on exactly what kind of space would best suit the need that they perceived. After much searching, the current space was found and the work to make Shameless Grounds a reality began.