Saturday Night Cartoons - Blanket Fort Part II, the ReBlanketing!
Saturday, December 5th, 2015 at 6:00pm
Shameless Grounds, LLC1901 Withnell Ave
St. Louis, Missouri, MO 63118
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Last month we turned about half the shop into a giant blanket fort. I THINK WE CAN DO BETTER. Bring your blankets/sheets to swath the shop until it is a veritable blanket town. We will be featuring holiday cartoons on the big screen!

Wearing pajamas is encouraged, as is bringing stuffies and pillows to get cozy. Think slumber party....but better.

For anyone who hasn't participated or seen the announcements in previous months, here's the vital info:

~What's a little/middle? Here's a super useful FAQ:

~This is a special event for littles & middles to socialize with each other and feel safe and unjudged. It is NOT a place for Bigs to pick up littles/middles. It is not a dating event. That said, unaccompanied Bigs/caregivers are not allowed. Littles/middles may bring their Bigs/caregivers if they'd like.

~ALL AGEPLAYERS ARE WELCOME. If you have questions about the extent to which our venue can accommodate lifestyle issues (such as diaper changes for the AB/DL folks), please ask. We can't promise no technical/logistic issues, but we can promise to be happy to see you.

~We have a special "kids" menu but the regular food and drink menus will also be available.
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Star Wars Marathon!
Thursday, December 17th, 2015 at 8:00am
Shameless Grounds, LLC1901 Withnell Ave
St. Louis, Missouri, MO 63118
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It's the day before THE FORCE AWAKENS....
So we'll have all of the movies, all of the day.

Come on in for a little bit, or camp out and enjoy them all.

Just remember - Let the Wookiee win. :-)
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HOLIDAY EDITION! Lifestyle Couples Night!
Friday, December 18th, 2015 at 7:00pm
Shameless Grounds, LLC1901 Withnell Ave
St. Louis, Missouri, MO 63118
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It's our monthly sexy swinging Couples Night!

The 4th Fridays in November and December fall *right next to* Thanksgiving and Christmas. So rather than interfering with your family time, we're doing 1 special HOLIDAY EDITION couples night on December 18th. Bring your Naughty Santa or your Sexy Elf... or your horny reindeer... and come have some fun before you go back to quality family time. :-)

As always, we’ve got SEXY MUSIC! A BAR WITH DRINK SPECIALS! TASTY FOOD! And some fun ice-breakers, games and prizes to help with the meeting & greeting.

***Important Info - If you haven’t joined us before, PLEASE READ THIS!***


From 7pm to 10pm at Shameless Grounds, it's a friendly meet-and-greet for swingers and other non-monogamous folks of all varieties. The meet-and-greet IS NOT a “full-on” swingers party – there is no nudity and no sex at this mixer. (We have a liquor license we want to hang on to!) But there is lots of opportunity for fun, to meet new people, to hang out with your friends and friends-to-be, and to line up your next play opportunity. You'll be surrounded by other like-minded people. :-)

When we close Shameless at 10pm, we move the afterparty to the Couples-Only Lounge in PT'S Centerville. Here, you can get naked and have all the fun you want. (You don't HAVE to, but you can if you WANT to.) There is free admission to the club for anybody coming from Shameless - and if you sign up for their VIP Couples card, you get two-for-one drinks from the bar.

DRESS CODE AT SHAMELESS: At Shameless we *cannot* allow nudity. (Boo!) So dress to impress and look sharp and sexy. If your clothing covers at least as much as a bikini you’re good. Please no flashing at Shameless. You’ll jeopardize our liquor license.

Anything goes, clothed or naked. :-)

Free for couples and single ladies. $20 cover for single gents.

Call Shameless Grounds at 314-449-1240 and just ask. :-)
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