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Event Planning

Want to hold a meeting, get-together, or event at Shameless?  Great!  

That’s what we’re here for!

Generally, if your group/event consists of 12 or fewer people, and you don’t require assistance or equipment from us, then there’s no need to contact us.  Just come on in, find a spot, and hang out.  But, if…

– Your event will include more than 12 people, or
– You want/need to use our equipment (sound system, stage, lights, audio visual projector, screen, etc), or
– You want us to publicize your event on our calendar, facebook feed, twitter feed, or with flyers/posters in the shop.

…then we need to hear from you as far in advance as possible.   The more time you give us to plan, the better equipped we will be to help you make your event a success.


For most events – nothing!   :-)   In some cases, we’ll even PAY YOU to bring your event to Shameless!

(Click here for more details on getting paid to hold an event at Shameless.)

Here is the basic idea:

NON-PRIVATE GATHERINGS:  If the shop will remain open to the public during your event, then you’re welcome to come in and use our space for free – that’s what we’re here for – to be a warm and comfortable gathering space for everybody!   We make our money from the food and beverages that your attendees will purchase while they are here – so we do ask you to encourage everybody in your group to make at least a small purchase.   But aside from that, there is no cost to hold an event here, as long as you don’t ask us to close the shop to our other patrons.

PRIVATE GATHERINGS:  If you want us to close the shop and make your event private, we will need to determine a reasonable price based on the time and day of the event, how long the shop will be closed, and how many staff members will be needed to serve your event.   For planning purposes, a “ballpark” average cost to have us close the shop for your event will be $50 per hour.  Let us know the day and time you have in mind and the specifics of your event, and we can give you a more accurate cost.


Check our online calendar to see what days already have events scheduled.   SHAMELESS GOOGLE CALENDAR

If the date appears to be free on our calendar, there’s a very good chance we can accommodate you on that date – but please take special note of our Saturdays and Sundays.   Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days.  Realize that large groups on these days may have trouble finding enough room/seating, and that service times for your group may be significantly slower than normal.   We can add staff to help serve your group, but there is only so much room to work in our kitchen and our barista area – so even if we add additional staff to help serve your group, we can only get food and drink out to you so fast.  :-)


You’re welcome to do so.  You can also bring your own.  Items we have available that you may use:

     ~ Small stage (Approximately 6′ by 6′).  Will fit two people comfortably, three slightly cramped.
     ~ Stage lighting and spotlight
     ~ Indoor Sound system with 4 inputs.  (Plug up to 4 sound sources in.)   Specifications can be found here:   FENDER PASSPORT 150 
     ~ Two Microphones – One Microphone Stand
     ~ Digital Projector and Screen
     ~ Two small speakers on the patio.  Whatever is played over the indoor sound system can be broadcast to the patio over these speakers.
     ~ Small portable table (for use as a display table, or speaking podium).

If you do, we’ll need the following information from you:

  • Name of the event
  • Date and Time of the event
  • A one or two paragraph description.   (This will be the description used on the Facebook Event and the Google Calendar description).
  • At least one good picture that you want to go along with the event.   (This is the picture we’ll use with the Facebook Event.)
  • A “for more information” contact, who can be reached if people have questions about your event.  (This info will be published with the event.)
  • Any special information you think appropriate.  (Cost to attend, if there is one.  Things to bring.  RSVP or “by invite only” info, if needed.) 

So – You’ve got your date and time, you’ve figured out what you need from us, and you have your publicity information ready (if applicable).   What now?   Just give us a call and we’ll book it!

Michelle Mueller
(314) 449-1240