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Lifestyle Couples Night

Bar Couple4th Fridays at Shameless are Lifestyle Couples Nights!

There are lots of names/labels… Swingers, Open Marriages, Polyfuckerous Couples.  It doesn’t matter what you call yourselves – we’ve got a special night for you on the 4th Friday of every month.   So come on in, and mix and mingle with like-minded folks!


We’ve got SEXY MUSIC!  
We’ve got TASTY FOOD!

And we’ve got some fun ice-breakers and games to help with the meeting and greeting.   


Wait… what?  Is this a swingers party?   This is a social meet-and-greet for swingers, those in open marriages, non-monogamous folks of all varieties, and those who are just curious and want to test the waters.   So it’s not a exactly a “full-on” swingers party – there is no full-frontal nudity and no sex at this mixer  (we have a liquor license we want to hang on to) but there is lots of opportunity for fun, to meet new people, to hang out with your friends and friends-to-be, and to possibly line up your next play opportunity.   And while you can’t play here, you can certainly meet somebody, and where you go from here is up to you.  😉

When/Where?   Every fourth friday, starting at 7pm, at Shameless Grounds!  (See our Location Page for map and directions.)

What’s the Cost?   Free for couples and singles.  $20 cover for single gentlemen.

What’s the dress code?  Because we have a liquor license in the City of St. Louis, we *cannot* allow nudity.  (Boo!)   So the dress code is “upscale casual and/or sexy”.   Look nice, or look sexy.  Or both.   Ladies, as far as “sexy” goes – if your clothing covers at least as much as a bikini – and it’s not see-through – you’re okay.   But as much as we love boobs… please no flashing.  You’ll bring the law down on us.

Any other Rules?   Yep, but just two.  

  • Don’t be pushy.  No means no – it doesn’t mean “keep trying”, or “ask again later.”   Learn to say ‘no’, and to accept ‘no’, with grace.   If you can’t, you’ll be shown the door.


  • Don’t get silly-stupid drunk.   We’re here to have fun, and if you’re a sloppy, slurring, stumbling mess, you’re screwing up the night for everybody.   Tipsy is fine.  Hammered is not.  So don’t get there.  If you get sloppy drunk, we’re going to call you a cab, and give you the boot.


We’re new / We’re nervous / Will we fit in?   First, just relax and be yourself.  Nobody is going to try and make you do anything you don’t want to.  Promise.   You’re going to find that this is just a fun party with lots of flirtatious overtones.   The Swinging Lifestyle has people of all ages, races, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.  It’s pretty darn likely that you’ll find people you like, to talk to and hang out with.   One of the cool things about swingers is that they come from all walks of life.  You may be talking to a bank teller, an auto mechanic, a dental hygienist, or a military officer.  We’re all just folks who find sex… well… sexy!

I don’t like this idea.  This is freaky and weird.   If the idea freaks you out, if you think it’s wrong, or dirty, or shameful, well, that’s totally fine.  Don’t do it.   But if it puts a little tingle in your pants, and it sounds like perfectly nice, naughty fun… then as Nike says: