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Paid Event Promotions


We make our living from people coming in and enjoying the space – eating our food and drinking our drinks.   So the more people who learn about us, and the more people who come in, the better off we are.  That’s where you can help us out – and in return, we can pay you.

Do you have an idea for an event or party that you think would work well at Shameless?   Here’s how you can get paid to book and promote an event here.

  •  THE TRIUMVIRATE:  You need THREE PEOPLE involved to pitch your idea to us.  We call this the “triumvirate”.  Basically, having three people involved, tells us that there are at least three people out there who think this is a good idea – and it tells us that you have some backup to help you accomplish the event.   When you approach us to pitch your event to us, the first thing we’re going to ask is, “OK – who are the three people in charge?”   If you don’t have three, we’re going to say, “Sorry… please come back when you have three people on your team.”


  • THE PITCH:   Next, you’ll pitch your idea to us.   We’re not really all that picky…  what we’re looking for here is not how successful we think it will be.  That’s up to you, and that’s how you’ll get paid.   What we’re looking for is whether we have the facilities, the staff, and the things that are needed to HOST the event you have in mind.   Whether our shop is *capable* of holding the event you have in mind.   If it is, then we’ll give you the go ahead.


  • THE SEED MONEY:  As soon as we approve your event, we’ll give you $50.   You can use it for promotions, fliers, postcards, decor, talent… whatever.   It’s basically our way of helping you get the event off the ground.    After that, additional event costs are your responsibility.   This is where your business skills as a promoter/ event-coordinator come into play.   You’ll need to take a guess at how much money you think you’ll make, and how much it will cost to do what you plan to do.   (See payout details below to figure out how we’ll pay you, and how much you stand to make.)


  • PREPARATION:   Next, you start working on making your event a reality.   You’ll keep in touch with us and let us know how it’s going.  We’ll help you when you come across questions regarding the shop and the setup – and we’ll want you to keep us informed of your expected attendance and how we can help.  You’ll need to plan for any special staff you need.


  • EXECUTION:  The event happens.


  • TALLYING UP AND PAYOUT:   We provide the space, fully staffed for normal operation, free.   YOU WILL NEVER PAY US ANYTHING.  The only question is how much money YOU make.   Here’s how we calculate it.


First, we pay you 100% of the door (if applicable).

Then we add up all the receipts during the time of your event.   That includes food, drink, and bar.

We then pay you, in addition to the door, a portion of the receipts according to this schedule:

    • Less than $300 – No payment.
    • $300 to $500 – 5% ($15 – $25)
    • $500 to $1,000 – 10% ($50 – $100)
    • Over $1,000 – 20%  ($200 – ?)